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Getting to know Dollie Henry MBE before her Jazz Masterclass at JazzDayz Bamberg

As JazzDayz Bamberg 2024 approaches, we are excited to introduce you to one of our key instructors, Melanie Day, founder of MDance Creative. Known for her vibrant energy and unwavering passion for dance, Melanie brings a wealth of experience and inspiration to her Musical Jazz classes. Here’s a closer look at her journey and philosophy.

Where Do You See Your Strengths in Dancing and Teaching?

Melanie's strengths lie in her boundless passion and energetic approach to dance. "I am very passionate about the arts of dance and as a person and a dancer, I am very energetic and full of life! I don’t do things halfway, and that’s how I dance, whether on stage or in the studio," she explains. Her dedication to fully embracing each movement translates into an engaging and motivating experience for her students. "There is no point in doing it halfway; that would be a waste of time for me, for the dancers around me, and for the audience. I have a good ear for music, and I believe I can transfer the intention, its rhythm, and sense into movement and let it come alive. That, plus the passion and love I share for the arts of dance, I can transport into the room and onto the dancers in my studio. Within a short amount of time, they all have smiles on their faces."

What Got You into Dance, and Who or What Was Your Inspiration?

Melanie's introduction to dance began early, thanks to her mother's influence. "My mom put me and my sisters into ballet class at a very early age; she wanted us to walk nicely and get rid of our flat feet. She couldn’t dance when she was young, so I think her dream was transferred onto us. It was love at first sight, and that love is still going as strong as ever!" Melanie fondly recalls watching "A Chorus Line" repeatedly, learning the choreography and feeling a connection with the character Michelle Johnston portrayed. However, the defining moment for her was seeing Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre’s "Revelations" at age 13. "To this day, this company is everything to me!"

What Is Your Favourite Style of Dance, and Would You Consider Learning a New Style?

Melanie's favourite style is Jazz Dance, in all its vibrant forms. "My favourite style is Jazz Dance, of course! And everything that comes with the colourful palette of the Jazz Dance world! Musical, powerful, lyrical, Fosse, funky, commercial, retro, fun, modern, street… oh, so many!" Always eager to grow, she expresses interest in learning more about Hip Hop. "It is also part of the Jazz Dance evolutionary tree. I am always keen to educate myself and give myself the opportunity to grow. It's part of what we do as dancers, so it never stops, and I hope I won’t ever stop until the moment I will grand jeté into my grave! HA"

If You Could Give Your 18-Year-Old Self One Piece of Advice, What Would It Be?

Reflecting on her journey, Melanie advises her younger self: "The world is your oyster, and it is upon you to take a taste of everything it has to offer – go for it! Luckily, I did just that, but I would give this advice to any young person. I would probably tell myself to take more singing and acting lessons. That is something I had at my exposure during college and didn’t take the opportunity enough to dig into something that was out of my comfort zone."

Join us at JazzDayz Bamberg 2024 to experience Melanie Day’s inspiring Musical Jazz classes. Her vibrant energy, passion for dance, and dedication to teaching promise an unforgettable experience for all participants. Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the best in the field!


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