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Getting to know Valentina Dolci before her Lyrical Jazz Masterclass at JazzDayz Bamberg October 2024

As we prepare for JazzDayz Bamberg 2024, we are thrilled to introduce one of our esteemed guest teachers, Valentina Dolci. With her deep passion and dedication to dance, Valentina brings a wealth of experience and inspiration to our event. Here’s a closer look at her journey and philosophy.

Where Do You See Your Strengths in Dancing and Teaching?

Valentina believes her strengths lie in her profound love and passion for the art of dance. She explains, "To truly love what I do is a strong and constant driving force. Being able to teach dance to others is an extreme honour and pleasure; it is fully rewarding and motivational." Her enthusiasm and dedication shine through in every class, making her an exceptional teacher.

What Got You into Dance, and Who or What Was Your Inspiration?

Valentina's journey into dance began naturally. "I have always been dancing and moving around, even as a kid, so the decision has always been extremely natural. I have never thought to try a different path. Dance was and still is my happy place, so there I stay," she shares. This innate connection to movement and expression has guided her throughout her life.

What Is Your Favourite Style of Dance, and Would You Consider Learning a New Style?

When asked about her favourite style, Valentina responds, "My favourite style of dance is Jazz, more specifically lyrical jazz, but only because you asked me to pick one." However, her passion for dance extends beyond a single genre. "I adore exploring new dance styles and am always up to learn new skills. It certainly makes me a better creator and enriches my artistic experience."

What Advice Would You Give Your 18-Year-Old Self?

Reflecting on her journey, Valentina offers sage advice to her younger self: "Be brave and trust what you love. You are doing great."

Join us at JazzDayz Bamberg 2024 to experience Valentina Dolci's inspiring classes and learn from her exceptional talent and dedication. Her unique perspective and passion for dance are sure to leave a lasting impact on all who attend.


Lyrical Jazz

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